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Originating from Indonesia, precisely in western Sumatra, which is known for its cuisine “Rendang” delicious food in Indonesia and into the list of the most delicious meal in the World. I come from a modest family, from small to grow up I grow and learn like the others.

I also schools like children others, and not a genius like people, I can only write, and read, with a growing world of technology, I am attracted to the computer, where at that time there was no single penny to buy a laptop, then I work to buy a laptop, and the result was I could buy it and create a free blog, and then continue to learn autodidact after feeling bored, I also bought a domain and hosting and move to a more challenging path. started from the year 2010 has also been helping some friends, there countless 7 website that I created for myself, and dozens of websites that I made for my friend.

Then I tried the others such as reinstalling the computer, buy the book language program and study, I’m interested with language python, high level but simple, perhaps more easily than C / C ## / C ++ and others, and is still learning to program for linux and begin to learn to github, hopefully we can bring blessings, amin

Here I will open the forum to discuss anything about technology, destination, computer, internet, program, or that is a trend, or you want to make a complaint here and about this website, please write your thoughts here, interested? join with me, I will help.

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